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Jakub Zakrzewski
Zaklad Optyki Atomowej
Instytut Fizyki im. Mariana Smoluchowskiego
Mark Kac Complex Systems Research Center (QuantLab)
Uniwersytet Jagiellonski, Lojasiewicza 11, PL-30-348 Krakow
Phone: +48 (12) 664 4555,
Mail: jakub.zakrzewski(at)uj.edu.pl
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Current projects:
Quantera H2020 QTFLAG: Quantum Technology For LAttice Gauge theories NCN Unisono 2017/25/Z/ST2/03029
Many-body Localization - Cold atoms approach NCN OPUS10 2015/19/B/ST2/01028
Periodically Driven Many-body systems NCN OPUS11 2016/21/B/ST2/01086
Attoseconds in Biology, Chemistry and Physics - new experimental and theoretical approaches NCN SYMFONIA4 2016/20/W/ST4/00314

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Student stipends 2019/2000 in Opus11, Symfonia 4
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Finished: Zakopane school of theoretical physics and Quantum Technology Conference. Use this link for pdf's of talks

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Last publications:

Piotr Sierant, Dominique Delande, and Jakub Zakrzewski
Thouless time analysis of Anderson and many-body localization transitions

M.C. Banuls, R. Blatt, J. Catani, A. Celi, J.I. Cirac, M. Dalmonte, L. Fallani, K. Jansen, M. Lewenstein, S. Montangero, C.A. Muschik, B. Reznik, E. Rico, L. Tagliacozzo, K. Van Acoleyen, F. Verstraete, U.-J. Wiese, M. Wingate, J. Zakrzewski, P. Zoller
Simulating Lattice Gauge Theories within Quantum Technologies

Titas Chanda, Jakub Zakrzewski, Maciej Lewenstein, and Luca Tagliacozzo
Confinement and lack of thermalization after quenches in the bosonic Schwinger model

Titas Chanda, Piotr Sierant and Jakub Zakrzewski
Time dynamics with matrix product states: Many-body localization transition of large systems revisited

Piotr Sierant and Jakub Zakrzewski
Model of level statistics for disordered interacting quantum many-body systems

Michal Mandrysz, Matthias Kuebel, Jakub Zakrzewski, and Jakub S. Prauzner-Behcicki
Rescattering effects in streaking experiments of strong-field ionisation
Phys. Rev. A 100 063410 (2019).     arXiv:1907.03291

Dmitry K. Efimov, Jakub S. Prauzner-Bechcicki, Jan H. Thiede, Bruno Eckhardt, and Jakub Zakrzewski
Double ionization of three-electron atom: spin correlation effects
Phys. Rev. A 100 063408 (2019).     arXiv:1905.08357

Piotr Sierant, Krzysztof Biedron, Giovanna Morigi, and Jakub Zakrzewski
Many-body localization in presence of cavity mediated long-range interactions
SciPost Phys. 7, 008 (2019)     arXiv:1902.00357

Kasra Amini, Jens Biegert, Francesca Calegari, Alexis Chacon, Marcelo F. Ciappina, Alexandre Dauphin, Dmitry K. Efimov, Carla Figueira de Morisson Faria, Krzysztof Giergiel, Piotr Gniewek, Alexandra S. Landsman, Michal Lesiuk, Michal Mandrysz, Andrew S. Maxwell, Robert Moszynski, Lisa Ortmann, Jose Antonio Perez-Hernandez, Antonio Picon, Emilio Pisanty, Jakub Prauzner-Bechcicki, Krzysztof Sacha, Noslen Suarez, Amelle Zair, Jakub Zakrzewski, Maciej Lewenstein
Symphony on Strong Field Approximation Rep. Prog. Phys. 82, 116001 (2019)     arXiv:1812.11447

Artur Maksymov, Piotr Sierant, and Jakub Zakrzewski
Energy level dynamics across the many--body localization transition
Phys. Rev. B 99 224202 (2019).     arXiv:1904.05057

Piotr Sierant, Artur Maksymov, Marek Kus, and Jakub Zakrzewski
Fidelity susceptibility in Gaussian Random Ensembles
Phys. Rev. E 99 050102(R) (2019).     arXiv:1812.04853

Krzysztof Zegadlo, Nguyen Viet Hung, Vladimir V. Konotop, Jakub Zakrzewski, Marek Trippenbach
Route to chaos in a coupled microresonator system with gain and loss
Nonlinear Dyn. 97 559 (2019)     arXiv:1808.06855

K. Giergiel, A. Dauphin, M. Lewenstein, J. Zakrzewski, K. Sacha,
Topological Time Crystals
New J. Phys. 21 052003 (2019).     arXiv:1806.10536

Piotr Sierant and Jakub Zakrzewski
Level statistics across the many--body localization transition
Phys. Rev. B 99 104205 (2019).     arXiv:1808.02795

Piotr Sierant and Jakub Zakrzewski
Intermediate spectral statistics in the many--body localization transition
arXiv:1807.06983 This short piece is included in the paper just above.

Jan Major, Giovanna Morigi and Jakub Zakrzewski
Single-particle localization in dynamical potentials
Phys. Rev. A 98 053633 (2018).     arXiv:1808.07509

Dariusz Wiater and Jakub Zakrzewski
The impact of geometry on many body localization
Phys. Rev. B 98 094202 (2018).     arXiv:1805.07383

Jan H. Thiede, Bruno Eckhardt, Dmitry K. Efimov, Jakub S. Prauzner-Bechcicki, and Jakub Zakrzewski
Ab initio study of time-dependent dynamics in strong-field triple ionization
Phys. Rev. A 98 031401 (2018).    arXiv:1804.05773

Dmitry K. Efimov, Artur Maksymov, Jakub S. Prauzner-Bechcicki, Jan H. Thiede, Bruno Eckhardt, Alexis Chacon, Maciej Lewenstein, and Jakub Zakrzewski
Restricted space ab initio models for double ionization by strong laser pulses
Phys. Rev. A 98 013405 (2018).     arXiv:1803.08364

Jakub Zakrzewski and Dominique Delande
Spin-charge separation and many-body localization
Phys. Rev. B 98 014203 (2018).     arXiv:1802.02525

Krzysztof Biedron, Mateusz Lacki, and Jakub Zakrzewski
Extended Bose-Hubbard Model with dipolar and contact interactions
Phys. Rev. B 97 245102 (2018).     arXiv:1802.08104

Jakub Janarek, Dominique Delande, and Jakub Zakrzewski
Discrete disorder models for many-body localization
PhysRev B97, 155133 (2018)    arXiv:1712.03776

Piotr Sierant and Jakub Zakrzewski
Many-body localization of bosons in optical lattices
New J. Phys. 20 043032 (2018).    arXiv:1712.02628

Marek M. Rams, Piotr Sierant, Omjyoti Dutta, Pawel Horodecki, and Jakub Zakrzewski
At the Limits of Criticality-Based Quantum Metrology: Apparent Super-Heisenberg Scaling Revisited
Phys. Rev. X 8, 021022 (2018)    arXiv:1702.05660

Krzysztof Sacha and Jakub Zakrzewski
Time crystals: a review
Rep. Prog. Phys. 81 016401 (2018).    arXiv:1704.03735

Andrzej Syrwid, Jakub Zakrzewski, and Krzysztof Sacha
Time crystal behavior of excited eigenstates
Phys. Rev. Lett. 119, 250602 (2017)    arXiv:1702.05006.

Piotr Sierant, Dominique Delande, and Jakub Zakrzewski
Many-body localization for randomly interacting bosons
Acta Phys. Polon A132, 1707 (2017)     arXiv:1707.08845

Jan Major, Marcin Plodzien, Omjyoti Dutta, and Jakub Zakrzewski
Synthetic Random Flux Model in a periodically-driven optical lattice
Phys. Rev. A 96, 033620 (2017)    arXiv:1706.07497

Dariusz Wiater, Tomasz Sowinski, and Jakub Zakrzewski
Two bosonic quantum walkers in one-dimensional optical lattice
Phys. Rev. A 96, 043629 (2017)   arXiv:1705.11009

Omjyoti Dutta, Luca Tagliacozzo, Maciej Lewenstein, and Jakub Zakrzewski
Toolbox for Abelian lattice gauge theories with synthetic matter
Phys. Rev. A 95, 053608 (2017)    arXiv:1601.03303

Piotr Sierant, Dominique Delande, and Jakub Zakrzewski
Many-body localization due to random interactions
Phys. Rev. A 95, 021601(R) (2017)    arXiv:1607.00227

Tanja Duric, Krzysztof Biedron, and Jakub Zakrzewski
Fibonacci anyon excitations of one-dimensional dipolar lattice bosons
Phys. Rev. B 95, 085102 (2017)    arXiv:1604.04511

Mateusz Łącki, Bogdan Damski and Jakub Zakrzewski
Locating the quantum critical point of the Bose-Hubbard model through singularities of simple observables
Sci. Rep. 8, 38340 (2016)    arXiv:1605.04316

Dominik Suszalski and Jakub Zakrzewski
Different lattice geometries with synthetic dimension
Phys. Rev. A 94, 033602 (2016)   arXiv:1604.05486

Krzysztof Biedron, Omjyoti Dutta, and Jakub Zakrzewski
Topological Rice-Mele model in an emergent lattice: Exact diagonalization approach
Phys. Rev. A 93, 033631 (2016)    arXiv:1509.06700

Bogdan Damski and Jakub Zakrzewski
Properties of the one-dimensional Bose-Hubbard model from a high-order perturbative expansion
New J. Phys. 17, 125010 (2015)     arXiv:1507.06426

Arkadiusz Kosior, Jan Major, Marcin Plodzien, and Jakub Zakrzewski
Role of correlations and off-diagonal terms in binary disordered one dimensional systems
Acta Phys. Polon. A128, 1002 (2015)     arXiv:1507.05502

Publisher Pick Interview: Erik Aurell, Jakub Zakrzewski, Karol Życzkowski
Time reversals of irreversible quantum maps
J. Phys. A: Math. Theor.48, 38FT01 (2015)   arXiv:1505.02259

Arkadiusz Kosior, Jan Major, Marcin Plodzien, and Jakub Zakrzewski
Controlling disorder with periodically modulated interactions
Phys. Rev. A 92, 023606 (2015)    arXiv:1502.02453

Omjyoti Dutta, Mariusz Gajda, Philipp Hauke, Maciej Lewenstein, Dirk-Soren Luehmann, Boris A. Malomed, Tomasz Sowinski, and Jakub Zakrzewski,
Non-standard Hubbard models in optical lattices: a review
Rep. Prog. Phys. 78, 066001 (2015)   arXiv:1406.0181

Mateusz Łącki, Dominique Delande, and Jakub Zakrzewski
Dynamics of heat and mass transport in a quantum insulator
Phys. Rev. B 91, 134304 (2015)    arXiv:1501.07206

Omjyoti Dutta, Anna Przysiężna, and Jakub Zakrzewski,
Spontaneous magnetization and anomalous Hall effect in an emergent Dice lattice
Sci. Rep. 5, 11060 (2015)    arXiv:1405.2565

Anna Przysiężna, Omjyoti Dutta, and Jakub Zakrzewski,
Rice-Mele model with topological solitons in an optical lattice
New J. Phys. 17, 013018(2015)    arXiv:1407.6533

Julia Stasinska, Mateusz Lacki, Omjyoti Dutta, Jakub Zakrzewski, and Maciej Lewenstein,
Bose-Hubbard model with random impurities: Multiband and nonlinear hopping effects
Phys. Rev. A 90, 063634 (2014)    arXiv:1410.1034

Wojciech Ganczarek, Michele Modugno, Giulio Pettini, and Jakub Zakrzewski,
Wannier functions for one-dimensional s-p superlattice
Phys. Rev. A 90, 033621 (2014)    arXiv:1406.5116

Omjyoti Dutta, Maciej Lewenstein, and Jakub Zakrzewski,
Many body population trapping in ultracold dipolar gases
New J. Phys. 16, 052002 (2014)    arXiv:1310.7757

Jan Major, Mateusz Lacki, and Jakub Zakrzewski
Reexamination of the variational Bose-Hubbard model
Phys. Rev. A 89, 043626 (2014)    arXiv:1311.7510

Mateusz Lacki, Bogdan Damski, and Jakub Zakrzewski
Numerical studies of ground state fidelity of the Bose-Hubbard model
Phys. Rev. A89,033625 (2014)   arXiv:1311.1954

Michal Maik, Philipp Hauke, Omjyoti Dutta, Maciej Lewenstein, and Jakub Zakrzewski
Density dependent tunneling in the extended Bose-Hubbard model
New J. Phys. 15, 113041 (2013)     arXiv:1306.5608

Tomasz Sowinski, Mateusz Lacki, Omjyoti Dutta, Joanna Pietraszewicz, Piotr Sierant, Mariusz Gajda, Jakub Zakrzewski, Maciej Lewenstein,
Tunneling-Induced Restoration of the Degeneracy and the Time-Reversal Symmetry Breaking in Optical Lattices
Phys. Rev. Lett.111,215302 (2013)    arXiv:1304.6299

Mateusz Lacki, and Jakub Zakrzewski,
Fast dynamics for atoms in optical lattices
Phys. Rev. Lett.110,065301 (2013)   arXiv:1210.7957

Dominique Delande, Krzysztof Sacha, Marcin Plodzien, Sanat K. Avazbaev, Jakub Zakrzewski,
Many-body Anderson localization in one-dimensional systems
New J. Phys. 15 045021 (2013)     arXiv:1207.2001

Mateusz Lacki, Dominique Delande, Jakub Zakrzewski,
Dynamics of cold bosons in optical lattices: Effects of higher Bloch bands
New J. Phys. 15 013062 (2013) arXiv:1206.6740

Jakub Zakrzewski, Crystals of Time Physics 5, 116 (2012)

Michal Maik, Philipp Hauke, Omjyoti Dutta, Jakub Zakrzewski, and Maciej Lewenstein,
Quantum spin models with long-range interactions and tunnelings: A quantum Monte Carlo study
New J. Phys. 14 113006 (2012) arXiv:1206.1752

Mateusz Lacki, Dominique Delande, Jakub Zakrzewski,
Numerical Computation of Dynamically Important Excited States of Many-Body Systems
Phys. Rev. A86,013602 (2012)   arXiv:1106.4906

J. Pietraszewicz, T. Sowinski, M. Brewczyk, J. Zakrzewski, M. Lewenstein, M. Gajda,
Two component Bose-Hubbard model with higher angular momentum states
Phys. Rev. A85,053638 (2012)    arXiv:1104.2512

Krzysztof Sacha, Katarzyna Targonska, Jakub Zakrzewski,
Frustration and time reversal symmetry breaking for Fermi and Bose-Fermi systems
Phys. Rev. A85,053613 (2012)    arXiv:1112.0972

Mateusz Lacki, Dominique Delande, Jakub Zakrzewski,
Extracting information from non adiabatic dynamics: excited symmetric states of the Bose-Hubbard model
Acta Physica Polonica A120, A-178 (2011).     arXiv:1107.5937

Michal Maik, Pierfrancesco Buonsante, Alessandor Vezzani,  and Jakub Zakrzewski,
Dipolar bosons on an optical lattice ring,
Phys. Rev. A84, 053615 (2011).     arXiv:1107.1103

Simone Paganelli, Mateusz Lacki, Veronica Ahufinger, Jakub Zakrzewski, Anna Sanpera,,
Spin effects in Bose-Glass phases,
J. Low Temp. Phys. 165, 227-238 (2011).     arXiv:1105.2746

T. Swislocki, T. Sowinski, J. Pietraszewicz, M. Brewczyk, M. Lewenstein, J. Zakrzewski, M. Gajda,
Tunable dipolar resonances and Einstein-de Haas effect in a Rb-87 atoms condensate
Phys. Rev. A 83, 063617 (2011)     arXiv:1102.1566

Mateusz Lacki, Simone Paganelli, Veronica Ahufinger, Anna Sanpera, Jakub Zakrzewski,
Disordered spinor Bose-Hubbard model
Phys. Rev. A 83, 013605(2011),     arXiv:1007.5177

B. Eckhardt, J. S. Prauzner-Bechcicki, K. Sacha, and J. Zakrzewski,
Phase effects in double ionization by strong short pulses,
Chem. Phys. 370, 168 (2010),.

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Compression as a tool to detect Bose glass in cold atoms experiments,
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Breakdown of adiabaticity when loading ultracold atoms in optical lattices,
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Anderson localization of solitons,

Phys. Rev. Lett. 103, 210402(2009),     arXiv:0907.0338

K. Sacha, D. Delande, J. Zakrzewski,
Quantum bright soliton in a disorder potential,
Acta Physica Polonica A116, 772 (2009).     arXiv:0911.0826