International workshop

"Distribution of power and voting procedures in the European Union"

Warsaw,   October 12-13, 2007

European Centre NatolinNowoursynowska str. 84,  02-797 Warszawa


Friday 12  October
9.10-9.30    Registration
9.30-9.50   Welcoming remarks:     Marek A. Cichocki, Programme Director, European Centre Natolin
9.40-9.50   Opening address:      Ewa Ośniecka-Tamecka, former Secretary of State for European Integration, Poland

9.50-11.30  Session I   Chairman: Karol Życzkowski
9.50-10.15  Jesús-Mario Bilbao, The distribution of power in the European cluster game
10.15-10.40  Mika Widgrén, Strategic power in the EU Council in consultation and co-decision procedures
10.40-11.05  Dennis Leech, Some properties of the qualified majority voting provisions of the EU constitutional treaty under various enlargement scenarios
11.05-11.30  Discussion
11.30-12.50  Coffee break

11.50-14.00  Session II    Chairman: Werner Kirsch
11.50-12.15  Axel Moberg, Is the double majority really double? The second round in the debate of the voting rules in the EU Constitutional Treaty
12.15-12.40  Běla Plechanovová, The Relevance of the voting rules in the EU Council: what can we learn about the decision-making in the Council after the first eastern enlargement from the empirical data?
12.40-13.05  Rafał Trzaskowski, The patterns of voting in the Council of Ministers of the European Union. The impact of 2004 enlargementformer Secretary of State for European Integration, Poland
13.10-13.35  Tadeusz Sozański, Blocking minorities and the distribution of blocking power in voting systems used by or designed for the EU Council
13.35-14.00  Discussion
14.00-16.00  Lunch break

16.00-18.15  Session III   Chairman: Gianfranco Gambarelli
16.00-16.25  Vincent Merlin, Majority efficient representation of the citizens in a federal Union
16.25-16.50  Wojciech Słomczyński, From a toy model to the double square-root voting system
16.50-17.15  Ines Lindner, Power measures in large weighted voting games: some implications for the EU Council of Ministers
17.15-17.40  Antti Pajala, The computation of voting power
17.40-18.15  Discussion

Saturday 13 October

9.30-11.10  Session IV Chairman: Hannu Nurmi
9.30-9.55      Moshé Machover, Penrose's square-root rule and the EU Council of Ministers - significance of the quota
9.55-10.20    Werner Kirsch, On the square root law by Penrose and beyond
10.20-10.45  Stefan Napel, Equal representation in a median voter world
10.45-11.10  Discussion
11.10-11.40  Coffee break

11.40-14.00  Session V Chairman: Moshé Machover 
11.40-12.05  Hannu Nurmi, Observations on agenda-based voting procedures
12.05-12.30  Gianfranco Gambarelli, Electoral systems, multicameral cohesion majorities and Europe
12.30-12.55  Madeleine O. Hosli,  Explaining voting behaviour in the Council of the European Union
12.55-13.20  Marcin Malawski, Equality in multicameral voting
13.20-14.00  Discussion
14.00-16.00  Lunch break

16.00-17.50  Session VI  Chairwoman: Běla Plechanovová
16.00-16.25  Friedrich Pukelsheim, A parliament of degressive representativeness?
16.25-16.50  Silvia Fedeli, The constitutional power of the voting owners in the European Parliament
16.50-17.15  Victoriano Ramirez-González, Allotment the seats of the European Parliament: the parabolic method
17.15-17.50  Discussion
17.50-18.10  Closing remarks Karol Zyczkowski, Scientific Coordinator of the workshop and Marek A. Cichocki, Programme Director, European Centre Natolin