… I am so glad now, that I once met Michał during my brief stay in Kraków in 1999. Previously (1980) he had shown an interest in what I, then as a much younger academic, was doing at Trinity College, Dublin. Quite apart from his many, notable scientific achievements for me he will be remembered as one of a relatively small number of distinguished academics who, with the genuine love he had for his subject, encouraged others to join him.

     In my library at home I have his picture taken from the cover of his book, which he sent me at that time. I hope he would be pleased that his photograph now stands deservingly, alongside other great names in mathematics and mechanics: Fourier, Gauss, Hamilton, Planck, Prandtl, Taylor, Prager and others.



Prof. David Rees

Brunel University

Uxbridge, Middlesex UK,   June 15, 2006