… My last conversation with Michał was on the occasion of the Huber – Symposium 2004. We discussed problems of mutual interest, mainly in plasticity, and how his scholar Marian Markiewicz is performing in Hamburg.

         I learnt  to how Michał  at our Polish-German Symposia on Stability of Structures (Warsaw 1978, Bad Honnef 1981, 1984 -  during the days of martial low). In 1987 Michał invited us to the vicinity of Cracow. It was an unforgettable get-togather with excursions to the salt mines and Auschwitz.

         When I became GAMM president in 1989 it was Michał with whom I discussed to have the GAMM Annual Meeting for the first time in Poland, and we thought Cracow might be the place. So we had this event in 1991 in your lovely, historical town.

         I will remember Michał as a competent expert, a reliable colleague, and a dear friend.


Prof. Dr. Oskar Mahrenholz

Technische Universität Hamburg

August 4,  2006