…Michal was an outstanding man, he was an excellent scientist, and he was a good teacher and a wonderful colleague. He knew all about elasticity, plasticity, all kind of structures and about the optimization of them. He was able to speech, besides Polish, of course English, French, Italian, Russian, and German – extraordinary and admirable. He knew all experts all over the world working on his fields. I have never met a man who knew so many authors and publications on the subjects of Mechanics.

         It is an enormous loss for the academic engineering world, for all of us and for me in particular. He was one of my first international listeners on my first international conference in Gothenburg (Sweden) after my PhD. We had several discussions about viscoelesticity, engineering education and even about politics – this was still a tough matter between a Polish man and a German man in 1970. But this was the base we set up our collaboration and mutual exchange. It was a fruitful and efficient time together with Jacek Skrzypek and his crew.

 I remember how Michal took me from the railway station, when I arrived first in Cracow, cold and early in the morning having taken the night train. And this he did not only once- almost every time- and not only on the arrival – the same procedure took place when we (sometimes with Dagmar) left your wonderful city of Cracow- Michal gave us a ride and waited on the station till the train has left it.

         Now the train with Michal left Cracow for ever – but we are very sad, as we have not been at the station, as we have not said “Good bye” and we have not even seen him again. But we are proud of him, of his achievements and proud to belong to his friends. We will keep him in a deeply felt remembrance with regards and love as a great man.


Peter and Dagmar Gummert

Professor of the Technical University, Berlin                 

Berlin, July 2006