Professor Michal Życzkowski  - great contributor to modern theoretical and applied mechanics, and one of the most distinguished engineer for over half a century, worldwide – passed away.

Although I met him only once, In 1982 in  London, I kept much interest in his pioneering work. The fact that he was hidden behind the Iron Curtin, did not prevent from him to enlighten both East and West in his most promotive and original contributions to mechanics.

His work in optimization of structures will forever remain classics of modern mechanics. His dissertation and many papers on these problems tremendously impacted my work and my most recent book on “Eigenvalues of Homogeneous Structures”.

On Dec.5, 2005 he sent me a card. I was most honored to hear that he connected my work with his 1955 thesis. His works – and though them, he too, will forever live in the  minds of mechanics people who appreciate all great contributors to it, starting from Archimedes, at least.



Isaac Elishakoff, Ph.D.

J.M Rubin Foundation Distinguished Professor

College of Engineering & Computer Science

BOCA RATON, Florida  USA, June 2006