…I had known of Professor Życzkowski’s work remarkable work since the late 1980’s when I first discovered his book on plasticity. It wasn’t until September 2002 though that I had the privilege to meet him in Kraków. I was honored by his invitation and by the opportunity to present my work at the Technical University. I also remember very well the delicious dinner and very pleasant evening at your home.

    I am very proud of the book article that Professor Życzkowski accepted to co-author with me. This paper was published by Wiley in 2004 and is one of my favorite contributions to science.

    In order to honor Professor Życzkowski, I recently dedicated a paper to his memory. Although only a humble contribution, it has been published in a well respected scientific journal…. 


… He was an exceptional man and I feel honored to have met him and had the opportunity to co-author a paper with him.



Frederic Barlat

Alcoa Technical Center

Pittsburgh, USA June 2006