Hadamard 2020 + 2


"Airport → Rail Station → Ruczaj" Exemplary Route

There are three ways to get from the Airport to the center of the city:

  1. Airport TAXI service - most comfortable and most expensive choice. Please pick only authorized cars (they are appropriately marked), otherwise some "clever" driver might try to cheat on you, because it is a quite distance from the airport to the center.
  2. Municipal transportation bus #208 - departures are scheduled quite rarely and usually it is very overcrowded. See also here. First you have to buy a ticket in the ticket machine near the bus stop; note that this is AGGLOMERATION BUS LINE and you need a special ticket (see below).
  3. Airpot Train - the most recommended way. Details under the link.
• Rail Station → Ruczaj

Once you are in the Main Rail Station in Kraków, try to find the tram stop Teatr Słowackiego 01 or Teatr Słowackiego 03. The main station and the surrounding area are not easy to find the right way.

Please note, that due to the war behind the eastern border there is a Refugee Assistance Point for Ukrainian people in the main building of the station.

Please check this map. It is important to find a tram which goes in the correct direction: Czerwone Maki (red poppies), otherwise you are in trouble, because it takes you to the other dark part of the city... :)

• Ruczaj → Hotel
Trams #52 or #73 take you to the Norymberska stop. From there it is just ≈10 minutes walking to your hotel: Hotel Ruczaj or Guest Rooms in the Institute of Environmental Sciences. See another map. Those guests who booked a room in Sympozjum Hotel should get off the tram at Grota-Roweckiego stop (just before Norymberska), while guests from Vanilla Aparthotel should get off the tram at Chmieleniec stop (in both cases hotel is visible from the tram).

It is also recommended to examine online maps on your own.

• Ruczaj → Collegium Maius

See here.


In Poland we pay in Polish Złoty (zł), 1PLN = 0.22EUR (2022/06/21). Almost in every place it is possible to pay in cash or credit/debit card. It is usually no problem to find a relatively good exchange point, but if you wish to make payments with card, please remember to appropriately configure your bank account before. Also there are some places accepting Euro, but the conversion rate is surely not optimal.

Bus/Tram Tickets

It is recommended to buy a FULL FARE 7-day ticket (56 zł for standard ZONE and 68 zł for all ZONES including the AIRPORT) to move freely around the city by any tram or bus. Caution: once you validate such ticket watch out when it expires! Ticket details can be found here.

City Information and Attractions

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