• Success in MNiSW

    17.06.2020 Kamil Korzekwa and Mateusz Łącki recognized by the Ministry of Science as outstanding young scientists (with appropriate rewards) - Congratulations!

  • Department seminar

    The energy level dynamics across many-body localization transition is 1D spin-1/2 XXZ system
    dr Artur Maksymov ( ZOA )
    where: room Microsoft Teams when: 08.6.2020, 12:15

  • Department seminar

    Quantum electrodynamics of light atoms and molecules
    prof. Krzysztof Pachucki ( Wydział Fizyki UW )
    where: room Microsoft Teams when: 01.6.2020, 12:15

  • Department seminar

    Probing synthetic quantum matter with randomized measurements
    dr Benoit Vermersch ( iUniversity of Grenoble-Alpes, LPMMC )
    where: room Microsoft Teams when: 25.5.2020, 12:15

  • Success in NCN

    18.05.2020 Mateusz Łącki and Jakub Zakrzewski with OPUS 18 grants funded: new positions for post-doc, PhD students, undergraduates! Karol Życzkowski with Preludium-bis for PhD student!