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20-22.02.2024 - Workshop on Quantum Simulators of the Future: From Dynamical Gauge Fields to Lattice Gauge Theories | (smr 3922)

An ICTP Meeting This Workshop will gather world-leading groups that design, realize, and characterize a new generation of simulators with ultracold atoms and beyond. It will address novel quantum simulators of statistical gauge fields, dynamical lattices, and lattice gauge theory models (LGT), as well as connections to quantum computing and tensor network methods.

06-08.09.2023 - Time Crystals Conference

More details on conference website.

27.06-2.07.2022 - 6th Workshop on Algebraic Designs, Hadamard Matrices & Quanta

More details on conference website.

05-11.09.2021 - Quantum Optics X

More details on conference website.

Michał Eckstein

Jagiellonian Quantum Information Team
Room: B-1-26
Phone: ?
www: [link]
ORCID: 0000-0003-4343-5031


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