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30 VWojciech Bruzda (Jagiellonian University, Krakow)
Multipartite Entanglement from Combinatorial Point of View
Location: B-1-46 and MS Teams [ZOA-test], 12:15
Department Seminar
Online: [link]
30 VBerge Englert ((Centre for Quantum Technologies, National University of Singapore)
Complementarity and the Quantum Rotor
Location: F-1-04 and ZOOM
Online: [link], pass:subspace

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05-11.09.2021 - Quantum Optics X

More details on conference website.

Alexssandre de Oliveira J

Jagiellonian Quantum Information Team
Room: C-1-28
Phone: 4666
ORCID: 0000-0002-5319-0835


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Resource theory of Absolute Negativity
ArXiv e-prints, 2205.13480 (2022).

[2] F. Luiz, A. de Oliveira Junior, F. Fanchini, G. Landi
Machine classification for probe based quantum thermometry
ArXiv e-prints, 2107.04555 (2021).
[3] T. Biswas, A. de Oliveira Junior, M. Horodecki, K. Korzekwa
Fluctuation-dissipation relations for thermodynamic distillation processes
ArXiv e-prints, 2105.11759 (2021).

[4] A. de Oliveira Junior, M. Oliveira
Unravelling the non-classicality role in Gaussian heat engines
ArXiv e-prints, 2012.02049 (2020).
[5] M. Passos, A. de Oliveira Junior, M. Oliveira, A. Khoury, J. Huguenin
Spin-orbit implementation of Solovay-Kitaev decomposition of single-qubit channels
ArXiv e-prints, 2008.02631 (2020).
[6] L. Cadorim, A. de Oliveira Junior, E. Sardella
Ultra-fast Kinematic Vortices in Mesoscopic Superconductors: The Effect of the Self-Field
ArXiv e-prints, 2006.01335 (2020).