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02 XArindam Mallick (Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland)
Wannier-Stark Flatbands
Location: MS Teams [ZOA-test], 12:15
Department Seminar
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06-08.09.2023 - Time Crystals Conference

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27.06-2.07.2022 - 6th Workshop on Algebraic Designs, Hadamard Matrices & Quanta

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05-11.09.2021 - Quantum Optics X

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Current: /2112.09192

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Many-body localization (MBL) features are studied here for a large spin chain model with long range interactions. The model corresponds to cold atoms placed inside a cavity and driven by an external laser field with long range interactions coming from rescattering of cavity photons. Earlier studies were limited to small sizes amenable to exact diagonalization. It is shown that nonergodic features and MBL may exist in this model for random disorder as well as in the presence of tilted potential on experimental time scales also for experimentally relevant system sizes using tensor networks algorithms.

These are the datasets associated with the paper Titas Chanda, Jakub Zakrzewski, Phys. Rev. B 105, 054309 (2022). Data reported in the paper are collected here with the leading python script 'plot_all.ipynb'.

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