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12 VIPiotr Sierant (ICFO, Barcelona, Spain)
Controlling entanglement at absorbing state phase transitions in random circuits
Location: MS Teams [ZOA-test], 12:15
Department Seminar
Online: [link]
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06-08.09.2023 - Time Crystals Conference

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27.06-2.07.2022 - 6th Workshop on Algebraic Designs, Hadamard Matrices & Quanta

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05-11.09.2021 - Quantum Optics X

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Open Data

In this directory we publish "open data" to research carried out at Atomic Optics Department. If the dataset connects to a publication then the number below refers to the Arxiv ID of the publication.

Please use links below to navigate to the project of interest

  • 2303.13940 Femtosecond pulse parameter estimation from photoelectron momenta using machine learning
  • 2212.07107 Slow dynamics of a mobile impurity interacting with an Anderson insulator
  • 2211.11480 Tracking locality in time evolution of disordered systems
  • 2211.01870 Many-body quantum boomerang effect
  • 2209.11644 Nonergodic dynamics of dipolar lattice bosons
  • 2207.06186 Lattice control of non-ergodicity in a polar lattice gas
  • 2203.15697 Stability of many-body localization in Kicked Ising model
  • 2203.11019 Quantum boomerang effect in systems without time reversal symmetry
  • 2201.10260 Scar States in Deconfined $\mathbb{Z}_2$ Lattice Gauge Theories
  • 2201.07151 Unsupervised detection of decoupled subspaces: many-body scars and beyond
  • 2201.05466 Bond order via cavity-mediated interactions
  • 2112.09192 Many-body localization regime for cavity induced long-range interacting models
  • 2109.13608 Challenges to observation of many-body localization
  • 2109.08408 Finite-Size scaling analysis of many-body localization transition in quasi-periodic spin chains
  • 2108.11654 On intermediate statistics across many-body localization transition
  • 2107.11656 Phase diagram of 1+1D Abelian-Higgs model and its critical point
  • 2106.04709 Optical lattice for tripod-like atomic level structure