Research groups

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    Theoretical group

    Main topics of our research:
    • Quantum many-body systems.
    • Quantum chaos
    • Quantum information and computations
    • Quantum simulators
    • Quantum transport
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    Laboratory of cold atoms near surfaces

    Our research activities are focused on the evanescent wave properties and applications and cold atomic gases. In particular we are interested in:
    • surface plasmon polaritons (SPP) for manipulation of atom movement close to metallic surfaces
    • Bose-Einstein Condensation in an atom chip
    • investigation of the interactions between cold atoms and evanescent wave in the optical dipole mirror
    • investigation of the polarization state of the evanescent wave
    • Light Induced Atomic Desorption (LIAD)
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    Noble Gases Optical Polarization Group

    New method of imaging human lungs that has recently been proposed is based on using the hyperpolarized 3He and 129Xe gases. The spin 1/2 3He atoms can be optically polarized to a very high level, more than compensating for their low density. A patient inhales a mixture of the hyperpolarized 3He or 129Xe and the buff er gases and is placed in the standard MRI scanner, which is retuned to the 3He resonance frequency. High resolution anatomical images of the lungs can be obtained by this method.