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Topics of research for students:

Theoretical research of ultra-cold atoms

Ultra-cold atomic gases offer possibilities for realizations of complex mathematical models used in different fields of physics with an unprecedented level of the experimental control. For example: condensed matter phenomena (like superconducting/superfluid state, Mott insulator and Bose-glass phases, Anderson localization or time crystals), abelian and non-abelian field theory, quantum simulators or even cosmological effects can be realized experimentally. Many different ideas that come into students mind can be investigated in ultra-cold atomic gases.
Details of the research plan will be decided after discussion with students but I strongly encourage young people to invent their own proposals. The research will rely on analytical calculations or on numerical programing.

Heart rate variability analysis

Investigation of heart rate variability is an important tool in medical diagnostics. Students will carry out analysis of clinical data by applying various techniques of classical chaos in collaboration with medical doctors.